Pick a #DogofSummer and We Will Tell You Your Fave Summer House Cast Member

Put down that BBC and take this quiz.

Winter is the Monday of seasons: It feels like it drags on forever and we wish it would end faster. But luckily there is Summer House to remind us that warmer weather is, in fact, on the way. And technically, Summer House didn’t need to tell us that because we are GREAT at predicting things and already knew. Just as we can — with 100% accuracy — predict that summer will follow months and months of cold, gray weather (and some slightly less gray weather, whatever, Spring, this isn’t about you), we will use that same 100% accuracy to predict who your fave Summer House-er is.

Let the spirit of summer speak to you through each of these warm weather puppers and may it guide you to your choice. We will then reveal your true Summer House fave. We know you.

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