Jerry O'Connell Is Ready to Snuggle With Some Cute Dogs On New Year's Day — Here's Why

The Bravo superfan has wife Rebecca Romijn to thank for showing him the ways to be an incredible host and get in some QT with some pedigree pups.

Jerry O'Connell has found perhaps the best way ever to spend New Year's Day. You see he's been recruited to be the guest host at this year's AKC National Championship Dog Show Presented by Royal Canin. The show will air on the same day you might be trying to nurse your hangover, so catching him hanging with cute, pedigree pups just might be the best cure for your post-party blues.

"I'm like sideline reporter," he recently shared with Unleashed. "I do the behind-the-scenes stuff. So it's sort of fun. I see a lot of primping. I see a lot of cleaning, a lot of cleaning up of drool, a lot of teasing of hair. Let me just say, these dogs that you will be watching on Animal Planet New Year's Day in the AKC National Championship Dog Show Presented by Royal Canin are way cleaner and more coiffed than I am interviewing them. And when I came home and I took my suit off my dogs -- I have four dogs -- went crazy smelling my suit."

Jerry will be one of the many dog lovers hosting the show, along with sportscasters Jason Knapp and Sam Ryan as well as AKC Executive Secretary Gina DiNardo.


But, Jerry looked a little closer to home for some advice on how to host big show backstage -- none other than his wife and former House of Style host/model, Rebecca Romjin. (Check out more of them above!) "You know what's really fun is we have all of my wife's House of Style. A few years ago I did watch them and this was before I did any hosting stuff and it did sort of inspire me a little bit," he said. "Yes, my wife does help me with all that stuff -- but mostly [with] what I should be wearing."

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