Oprah (With a Net Worth of Nearly $3 Billion) Potty Trains Her Own Dogs

You get a pee pad! And you get a pee pad! Everybody gets a pee pad!

Oprah — she’s just like us! Wait, that can’t be right. We’ve never had a TV show named after us, never had our own magazine plastered with our faces on the cover, never harvested a bountiful cornucopia of fruits and veggies from our own garden, hell, we don’t even have a friend named Gayle, this doesn’t seem to check out … and yet it does when we tell you that Oprah potty trains her dogs herself. Stars, they’re just like us?

In an interview with E! regarding her new movie Wrinkle in Time, Oprah told the interviewer that she does, in fact, train her own dogs. She states matter-of-factly, “I'm a great pooper cleaner upper. I know how to do it and when you have as many dogs as I have and I train my own dogs too. You have to house train your own dogs."

Co-star Mindy Kaling shared our shock and disbelief saying, “I thought celebrities took their dogs and dropped them off at a place!" which was exactly what we were thinking. While Oprah admits that she uses a trainer for more complicated commands, puppy potty training is something she does all on her own. She follows up, “It's not sit. It's taking them out to learn not to pee or poop in the house. I did three at one time and I almost lost my mind.”

Oprah is right in that regard (and probably in all other regards too, she is a lifestyle brand after all), when it comes to potty training experts advise taking dogs outside as puppies as soon as they wake up, after meals, before bed and every half hour to an hour in the time between and to stay with them outside until they’re housetrained. They also advise to always take your dog to the same spot outside so their own scent will prompt them to go. It’s a big commitment that Oprah has undertaken 5 times, or one would assume as she has 5 dogs. Her fur children, as she calls them herself, are two golden retrievers, Luke and Layla, cocker spaniel Sadie and springer spaniels Sunny and Lauren.

While Oprah hasn't quite shared the secret to her dog training success, she has imparted one brilliant pet hack by way of her Instagram account— snoods to keep her spaniels’ ears out of their food. Her dogs look like they are loving life waiting for dinnertime and don’t seem to mind the unusual accessory, and it saves time on post-meal ear clean up for the dogs whose ears flop into their bowls.

Before you start imaging running into Oprah running errands like the rest of us regulars in the same interview, she admits she doesn’t pump her own gas. Well, we could still hope to bump into O at the dog park and ask for some house training tips. A girl can dream!

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