Phew! An Expert Reckons Your Pet Won't Be Confused If You Change Her Name

...Or if you give her 25 nicknames.

The cat who lives upstairs is named Sadie but her family likes to also call her Chicken. When she comes downstairs to visit, she also answers to Sadie Chickenpants, Chickenpants, Sadie Lou Who, Hey and more nicknames that haven't been thought of just yet. Luckily, according to an animal behavior expert, Sadie is not likely to be confused if her name changes.

"Most people have nicknames for their animals and the animals respond," Dr. Kersti Seksel told ABC Radio Melbourne.

Instead, it's how people talk to their pets that the animals respond to, both verbally and physically.

"I think it's our tone of voice, our body language, what we do using gestures with our hands, the way we smile at them," said Seksel. "I think they respond to that just as much as their name."

This should be even more good news for human parents who adopt rescue animals — don't let a name you don't identify well with get in the way of providing a forever home and welcoming your new family member with a name that everyone will love.

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