Service Dog Moonlights as a Broadway Critic, Offers Live Review During a Performance of “CATS”

The costumes are that good.

We all know that the only creatures dogs hate more than postal workers are cats. What we didn’t know was that dogs could be fooled into hating someone wearing a cat costume.

Well, this is exactly what happened at a performance this week of Andrew Lloyd Weber’s CATS. During the opening number, a service dog escaped from its owner’s watch, and went after the actress Mackenzie Warren, who plays the character Bombalurina. Did the pooch protest her performance or just really not care for Jellicle Cats?

Fortunately, an usher quickly intervened, and neither the dog nor the human dressed as a cat were harmed in the interaction. The performance went on as scheduled.

In her character description, Bombalurina is described as a flirtatious red adult female cat. Maybe the dog felt like she was taunting him, who knows.

In any case, we’re glad no one was harmed. And word to the wise — maybe leave your service dog at home if you’re going to a performance involving animals, or even just animal costumes. A PERFORMANCE OF CATS IS RISKY BUSINESS FOR A DOG! 

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