Your Cats Totally Need You to Make Them a Gingerbread Kitty House ASAP

If you've got a glue gun and some flair, you have a new holiday tradition for your pet.

Hey, cat owners who may have a couple of days off coming right up: Why not make your beloved feline their very own gingerbread house for the holidays?

Don't worry, not a real gingerbread house, but a cardboard one cut and constructed to look like the edible holiday tradition, just like kitties Cole and Marmalade now have:

Chris and Jess, Cole and Marmalade's humans, made it for them with a hot glue gun, candy cane pillars and plenty of reinforcement to withstand gleeful holiday pouncing. You, too, can make some fine craftsmanship for your cat  — or really any other playful pet you happen to have.

Credit: Youtube/Cole and Marmalade

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