Katie Maloney

Katie talks about the burlesque performance, learning sex appeal from Lisa, and her feelings on pasties. 

on Dec 2, 2013

When Nathalie asked Stassi and I to do a little burlesque dance for the party I was excited, but then reality sunk in. Three years ago, a small group of us girls at SUR wanted to put a dance troupe together, so we got together every week for months. It was more for the workout and fun of doing something productive with your girlfriends. However, Stassi and I aren't pro-dancers, and I'm not even sure if we could be considered amateur. But we have fun doing it, and ultimately that was enough for us to wiggle our a--es into those hot pants and shake it.

When I saw the pasties, quite literally my inner dialogue was "Oh, hell no! There's no way!?! I mean right? There's no way!" Again, we already had enough obstacles going into the whole dance that adding a wardrobe hurdle was going to give me even more anxiety.

I think Lisa really has it going on! She was in prime condition to dance with us considering all the rehearsals she was having for Dancing With The Stars. I don't consider myself to be a "sexy" type so I was grateful that Lisa, who happens to ooze sex appeal, could give me some pointers.

I don't know why more women don't know the maxi pad shoe trick! Two things happen to our feet in heels: Number one, sore toes and balls of feet, and number two, our feet slip due to shoes being too big or perspiring. Maxi pads are cheap and solve both problems!