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Scheana is sorry she's not sorry for her gangbang comment and she can afford to pay for her own drinks, thanks Kristen.

Cabo is something we had all been talking about for months! Not only was it Stassi's birthday that weekend, but it was also Shay's. Months ago, we thought a trip would be fun for all of us -- but then things started to change. With what happened at not only my birthday but also Peter's, I wasn't so sure I was looking forward to this trip anymore. However, flights and rooms were booked already and I did think Peter was right. Maybe a trip would help alleviate all of the tension at work.

Anyway, I wasn't about to let Kristen or Katie take this trip from me. I thought if I could avoid them at some cost, I could still enjoy this trip with Shay, the guys, and Stassi. After the other night at SUR I wanted nothing to do with Kristen or Katie -- so I made the decision if they were going to do the "girls" on one side and the "guys" on the other I was with the guys. No drama there -- unless Jax is present.

As soon as we got there I could tell this was going to be a "girls on one side" kind of trip, and I'm sorry but they are not a NORMAL group of women. I have several girlfriends I get along with just fine. These girls drink too much, are slightly crazy, and unstable at times. Why would anyone want to spend a vacation with them? I went for Stassi, and for Shay and I to have some alone time. Anything else that involved the others, count me out.

I don't think being trapped in a car with Kristen, Kristina, and Katie for an hour sounds appealing to anyone in their right mind. I doubt they wanted me in their car anyway. Actions speak louder than words and if you are going to make me feel excluded the second we get to the first bar, I don't want to be a "girls girl". Sorry not sorry.

When we first got in the van, Schwartz made a comment to me that I thought was funny. He was like "Oh s--- you get in this van you're getting gangbanged." I thought it was funny! Clearly it was a joke!!! So I said I'd rather that than being trapped in a car with Kristen, Kristina, and Katie. It was a joke!!!

I wasn't shocked to see that Jax ratted because when he's not in the middle of the drama he puts himself there. He took it a little far by bringing Shay into it though, because we all knew it was a joke. Shay thought it was funny and so did everyone else.

By the time we showed up at the club I knew something was up, but I didn't know what exactly. I hadn't really hung with the girls since we arrived because I was enjoying my time with Shay -- so I didn't understand what they could be mad at me for. When Kristen was holding a cheap bottle of tequila hostage from me I tried to keep a straight face on. I mean what a joke! I wanted to laugh in her face it was so pathetic. I don't need to drink the alcohol you supposedly bought Kristen. I have my own money and I can afford my own drinks.

Once she brought up the "gangbang" comment I was like "Ohhhhhhh that's what everyone is mad at me for," a joke that Schwartz and I made in the van. Get over it!!! Like I said, you're going to exclude me, I'm going to be a bitch to you. In my moment of irritation, anger, and cleverness, I thought to tell the busser to clear everything off their table so when they returned from smoking a million cigarettes everything was gone. I have no interest to hang out with people who treat me the way they do, so I left. I wanted to enjoy time with my boyfriend. Stassi wanted me to come on the trip and I wanted to get away. She didn't "let" me come. I chose to come with an invitation.

Watching Katie and Schwartz's fight I can't say I'm surprised. Schwartz sticks up for what's right and I love that about him. He doesn't just take his girlfriend's side simply because she's his girlfriend. Shay does the same thing if I'm wrong, and I appreciate that. We are not the same person. If I'm wrong, call me out. Katie's drinking gets out of control and Schwartz has to deal with it. I feel bad. I don't think he was out of line at all.

The next day when we went on the boat ride I kept hearing whispers of what happened after we left the club. Every time I tried to ask one of the guys they were like "uhhhhh you have to ask Schwartz but something went up Katie's nose" I had no idea it was as bad as it was or I never would have brought it up at dinner. It was just the first time I had seen Schwartz since I heard this and I wanted to clear the air and try to enjoy dinner because I had a feeling if they got in a fight it probably had something to do with me. I had no idea it would get that out of control at dinner to the point where Katie would get up and leave. But this has been a trending factor at all birthdays this summer -- my birthday, Peter's birthday, and now Stassi's. Someone please keep the tequila away from her at the next birthday party!

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Katie: Stassi Overstepped Boundaries

Katie discusses why she didn't give Tom and ultimatum and why Stassi's advice was out-of-line.

The days following Tom's admission of past infidelity were taxing both mentally and emotionally. Tom and I spent hours pouring our hearts out, crying, and taking a hard look at the current state and the future of our relationship. While I cherish and value the opinions of my friends, I was not interested in their opinions of how I should handle this situation. For weeks, everyone was weighing in on Tom and I's relationship to a point that felt it was invasive and frustrating. Tom and I are good match. We are each other's best friends. We don't have a perfect relationship. We understand there are areas where we really need to work on, but we decided to make that a priority. I wanted to go over the recent events and revelations in solidarity. I wanted to focus soley on what my heart felt. I didn't want my thoughts and feelings to be colored by anyone else.




While I understood that Stassi did have good intentions, she began to over step certain boundaries. I didn't need Stassi to fight my battle, but rather to just support my decision and be there for me. Of course I didn't want Tom to continue having a close relationship with Jax. I was fed up with Jax's lies and meddling. I didn't understand why Tom so passionately defended his friendship with Jax, especially when I felt he should have been passionately defending OUR relationship. I began to understand that I was going to have to just compromise with Tom -- and I confidently I could do that with out compromising my feelings and integrity. I wasn't going to let Jax be the reason that Tom and I end our relationship. Sometimes ultimatums are necessary, but this wasn't one of those times. I didn't want to be the ultimatum girlfriend, nobody wants to date or be that girl. Tom assured me that he would take necessary measures to ensure that his friendship with Jax wouldn't interfere with our relationship and that no matter what that I was a priority to him. I felt comfortable with our compromise, and I don't think that makes me weak. Relationships, and life for that matter, are not black and white. They are full of compromise and benefits of the doubt. Stassi was maybe just giving me tough love, but to call me weak during such a critical time for me was hurtful. Stassi hasn't always made the best decisions in terms of relationships. She's made decisions I wouldn't personally make, but I allow her to make her own decisions and do my best to support her. I would have liked to have had that in return. Stassi has removed herself from this group of people and no longer worked at SUR, so it's very easy for her to tell Tom to cut it off with Jax and tell me to disassociate from anything having to do with these people. That isn't really want I want, nor isn't it realistic. I still work at SUR and Tom and I both are friends with people in this group. It's nearly impossible to avoid certain people, and it makes life easier to try and co exist.



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