Is Jax Taylor the Number One Guy in The Vanderpump Rules Group?

Or is one of the other #PumpRules dudes really the leader of this pack?

Jax Taylor made a very bold statement earlier this season of Vanderpump Rules. After getting into it with Tom Sandoval, he told him to "stop acting like you're the number one guy in this group, man. I'm the number one guy in this group." 

Well, Tom was not having any of that, as you can see in the clip, above. "You don't get to decide that your ego is just going to try and pull f***ing rank on me or something," he said during the episode. 

But if we had to pick who among the Vanderpump Rules guys ranks number one, who would it be? Is Jax right in saying that he reigns supreme among the other men of Vanderpump Rules, or is another dude really running the show? Make your voice heard, below.

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