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Lisa Vanderpump: Animal Savior, Businesswoman ... and Horse Whisperer?!

She's down with the horses ... and the horses are down with her.

Sure, everyone knows Lisa Vanderpump from her restaurants, business ventures and philanthropy, but did you know she may be moonlighting as a horse whisperer?

She posted a video on her Instagram yesterday and captioned it: "Ooooooh it's a little much...Even for me lol"

In said video (watch below), she cooes a horse down on his side with a melodic "good boy" and then proceeds to big spoon snuggle the horse (which actually looks more like a teaspoon trying to big spoon a ladle in this size comparison).

What exactly is she doing and what does it mean?! Is her next step to get Rumpy Pumpy up there like this Golden Retriever? If only the staff at her restaurants were so easily calmed down.

Ooooooh it's a little much...Even for me lol

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We hope you watched with the sound on to hear her say at the end "oh I think I love you, oh, you’re the best man I’ve ever laid down with."
She's so cheeky. (Don't tell Ken.)

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