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Who Was the *Least* Excited to See Stassi Schroeder and Her Boyfriend Return From Europe?

Let's just say the initial welcome for Stassi and Beau Clark was less than warm.

Stassi Schroeder has some real love for her dogs — and Aperol Spritz — and we all were living vicariously though her (seemingly) never-ending Europe vacay pics with boyfriend Beau Clark.

First off, this guy seems waaay better than Patrick — he indulges Stassi's more quirky tastes and he's a dog lover. Sold.

Since Stassi and Beau are back from their trip, Zoe and Luda (and Beau's adorable pooch Refund) are also back home from another staycation with Dayna (we think).

While we see Luda run excitedly toward them, Refund stopped and gave Beau what we can only imagine was his 'it's about time' look. See for yourself below.

Eventually Refund came in for snuggles (phew!)

Stassi is taking her stepmom duties to Refund very seriously (but don't come between her and her dogs), giving all three pups a special Instagram shoutout. They're so cute and we can't wait 'til the next season of Vanderpump Rules and what we're already hoping will be Refund's small-screen debut.

Credit: Instagram/Stassi Schroeder

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