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Andy Cohen explains how Dolly Parton got him through the weekend.

on Mar 24, 2008

I am back in LA for another week. It is beautiful. But that's like saying I am watching George Bush and feeling powerless and irritated. It's a given.

I got here Friday night and I sat at the bar of the Sunset Tower wondering what I was doing back in LA. It stinks being somewhere when you feel like you should be somewhere else.

Sean Penn was in the corner and some chica in sequins was celebrating her birthday with a red, white, and blue cake that said MCCAIN in icing. Whaaat? That would be a 75-year-old lump o' coal in this reporter's birfday stocking. Is he 75? Remember how old Reagan seemed? McCain seems younger than Reagan ever did to me.

I worked all weekend and though I was fairly bitter and resentful about that, I am happy to report to you that we have some amazing new shows that are currently in production here. Starting this summer, I am hoping that you will love them.

Bruce and Liza are out here so I am stealing away to see them when I can. Liza and I saw George Clooney at the Tower on Saturday, so her plane ticket was amortized. And its Brucie's birthday today so HAPPY BIRFDAY BRUCIE!