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Andy Cohen muses on Amy's zany party ensemble.

on May 1, 2007

Tonight is a really powerful hour of TV from "Work Out." The episode centers around Jackie's visit home to repair her relationship with her mom and attempt to begin reconciling the suicide of her father. Concurrently, the trainers at SkySport get devastating news about Doug.

I want to write more about Doug tomorrow after you've seen the episode. Grab a hanky because this show tonight is really sad. Ok buckle up, though because I am making a COMPLETE RIGHT TURN...

I went to a sangria party last night at a friend's house. The plan was to pick up Amy Sedaris on my way over to the dinner. I was running very late because of a police investigation in a subway station which cocked up my route and local service. I got out at 14th Street and called Amy to tell her to just meet me at the dinner. That wasn't an option, I was told. She said to get my butt over to her place and step on it. I found out her issue when I walked into her treehouse to find her in head-to-toe Spanish ensemble with insane makeup, fishnets, a poofy miniskirt and top, and a switch in her hair.

She was standing there with a pitcher of Sangria looking like both a living doll and a Carol Burnett sketch. I immediately got the idea that even Her Crazyness didn't want to take a solitary walk through the village in this getup holding a pitcher of Sangria.