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Andy Cohen on the NYC premiere party.

on Oct 26, 2007

The movie is really really funny for kids and adults. Plus, anyone who loves Seinfeld will love the movie. It is very him. And Barry Benson, the main bee who is essentially Jerry, is Jewish! Actually, in the movie, he's Bee-ish. Leave it to Jerry Seinfeld to bring Jews to an animated kids movie. I love it. And Berry the Bee is ADORABLE to look at. He looks like Seinfeld's middle child, Julian. Look at a picture and you will see what I am talking about.

The party was at the Stone Rose Cafe at the Time Warner Center. The view of Columbus Circle and the Park is the only good thing I can think of to say about the Time Warner Center. They cleaned up the Columbus Circle fountain on account of the mall, too... so that's another good thing.

We talked to Ralph Lauren, the notion of which is still very exciting. He once again was able to pick out what line of Ralph Lauren suit I was wearing (it was a Polo and not a Black Label), which I still find incredibly impressive. When you have as many clothes on the market as he does, how is it possible to pick out what is yours at a dimly lit party? I know there are only a handful of designers of his magnitude, but I have to wonder if they are as involved as he... I wonder.

We wound up at Barracuda, where there was a rampant rumor that Madonna was going to show up. Our friend knew for a fact that M is in LA, so we squashed that. I, for one, am happy that after living here 17 years there are STILL rumors that Madonna is going to show up at random gay bars. That somehow renews my faith in things...

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