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What does Andy Cohen watch on TV? Read on.

on Sep 22, 2006

Here's some headline news: there is actually stuff on TV besides "Project Runway"! I got a ton of messages Wednesday night yelling at me for Bravo's airing a Runway rerun. Sorry Charlies, but wasn't it an exciting opportunity to go fishing for fresh tv in your TiVo's?

That's what I have been doing. I'm still watching KATIE COURIC'S EVENING NEWS and I like it. There's something great about recording that show and watching at 1 in the morning. There's only about 10 minutes of actual news so it is not a time committment. The only thing I don't like is the kicker pieces about extraordinary Americans. I can't. I like that lady and her frosty lips tucking me in at night so that's when I watch it.

I saw STUDIO 60 when Bravo replayed it Wednesday night. Loved it!

I have never seen WEST WING so I can't speak to the genius of Aaron Sorkin, but I am really excited to get into this show. And I also can't wait for 30 ROCK. Not only do I work in the building, the show looks funny.

I am into SURVIVOR: RACE WARS in a big way. I was so upset when the African Americans lost at the end of last week's episode. Seeing them lose made the whole race division sting to me for the first time in the hour. But last night (spoiler alert.....) the African Amer's triumphed, building their fire and winning the immunity challenge, which I still fastforward through. The challenges are so complicated and boring and I can't understand them without Jeff Probst's play-by-play.