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Andy Cohen has a very Bravo weekend.

on Sep 6, 2007

Last night was such Bravo whiplash that it was almost too much for even me and my crappy BlackBerry pictures to keep up with.

Let me start at the end by saying we had a fierce "Watch What Happens" featuring Gail Simmons and Howie Kleinberg.

The headline news is that Gail is engaged! Her longtime boyfriend Jeremy popped the question last week, and here she is showing off the bling.

My night began at Socialista, the white hot West Village club where Diane Von Furstenberg hosted a party celebrating Nina Garcia's book. I really like the Elle People. They are Mammals. I don't know what Vogue people are. Reptiles? Nina's party was sponsored by BlackBerry.

Sexy ladies walked around with trays of BlackBerries (like cigarette girls). I naturally assumed the BlackBerries were little Amuse Bouche's for us to nosh on and put in our wee pockets. Not so. I think they were there to make us feel bad about the lame amount of pixels in whatever mobile devices were already in our pockets.