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A few of Andy Cohen's favorite shows.

on May 24, 20060

There's a cool new website called which is an offshoot of the cool cable channel TRIO that I used to be a part of. It's a TV fanatic's dream hub -- with tons of Brilliant shows to watch online (free), and a place for TV insiders (producers/writers/actors) to anonymously post what they really think about what's on tv now (reading it is like sitting in the back of a TV-Anonymous meeting).

So what's a Brilliant but Cancelled show? One the critics adored but the audience didn't and the network canned before its time. Suzanne Somers' "She's The Sherrif" was neither brilliant, nor cancelled. Elizabeth Vargas probably thinks she was Brilliant but Cancelled but the legions of ABC News producers who are cheering about her demise, and there seem to be tons based on some Andy's blog informal exit polling, might say she was just cancelled.

"The Jake Effect" and "EZ Sreets" both were brilliant, but cancelled and you can watch them both at the site. Some of MY Favorite Brilliant But Cancelled Gems:

SQUARE PEGS: This show, about junior high geeks, nerds and preppies, was perfectly timed to take me through junior high school, then CBS cancelled it and I went to high school!

STRANGERS WITH CANDY: Comedy Central canned this one after three seasons but the Amy Sedaris/Paul Dinello/Stephen Colbert freakfest lives on in DVD and in what's got to be the first big screen adaptation of a Brilliant but Cancelled show -- out June 28.