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on May 1, 2006

People has a double issue featuring it's 100 Most Beautiful People in the World. It is a fairly predictable list, so I am going to save everyone three dollars and 99 cents by telling you exactly who is on their list in what category. You are going to be tempted to buy it anyway because of their exclusive pics of Brad and Angelina in Africa, but People already shelled out a reported 750k for those pics and I think enough money has traded hands over this issue already, don't you?

Beautiful people: Angelina Jolie George Clooney Reese Witherspoon Lindsay Lohan Keira Knightley Jamie Foxx Jake Gyllenhaal Antonio Banderas Eva Longoria Naveen Andrews Jessica flipping loserface Simpson Isaiah Washington Halle Berry Jessica Alba Jennifer Lopez Patrick Dempsey Eddie Cibrian Ziyi Zhang Kate Beckinsale Eric Bana Scarlett Johansson Beyonce Knowles Ryan Seacrest Terrence Howard Aaron Eckhart Rachel Bilson

Beauties from around the globe: Juliana Paes, Brazil Haifa Wehbe, Lebanon Aishwarya Rai, India Vicky Zhao Wei, China Emma Too, Kenya

Beauties and their pets: Jewel and her horse "Poppy" Matthew McConaughey and Australian Cattle Dog "Foxy" Jennifer Love Hewitt and King Charles Spaniel "Charlie" Amerie and Yorkie "Jean-Pierre" Adrien Brody with Chihuahuas "Ceelo" and "Lolly" Jenna Fischer and kitty "Andy"

New not-too-famous beauties: Stacy Keibler Gabriel Aubry Bahar Soomekh Brandon Routh Moon Bloodgood Rupert Friend Kevin Zegers James Blunt

Sports stars: Matt Leinart Chantal Sutherland Chris Paul Danica Patrick Henrik Lundqvist Carlos Beltran

Mothers and daughters: Glenn Close and Annie Vanessa L. Williams with Jillian, Sasha and Melanie Lynda Carter and Jessica Christie Brinkley with Alexa Ray and Sailor

The women of"Deal or No Deal:" There are 26 and I ain't naming them all. Let's call them "Janice Pennington" and call it a day, shall we? I think People cheated us by clumping 26 ladies together cuz they new they had to show 100 people! Truth Alert! Magazine Police!

Stars in their "Second Acts:" Heather Locklear Marcia Cross Julia Roberts Nicole Kidman Kirstie Alley

Beauties around the clock: Twenty-four people who are on TV at various times of day. To give you an idea of the caliber of talent, this list includes pint-sized "Soap Talk" host Ty Treadway.

Pregnant pretties: Brooke Shields Elizabeth Vargas (might want to re-think this one) Mariska Hargitay

Tomboys: Pink Alicia Keys Avril Lavigne

Beauty at every age: A fun spread of ladies spanning age 20 (Mischa Barton) to 69 (Vanessa Redgrave) OK that's it, that's the list. I guess we can all be grateful that Denise Richards isn't on it, making that one less picture of her to that we have to see.

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