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Andy heads to St. Louis to throw out the first pitch at Busch stadium!

on May 21, 2010

I am en route to St. Louis bright and early this morning. I was feeling confident about throwing the pitch tonight (6:50 at Busch Stadium!) until I saw video of myself throwing on wwhl last night. Oy. My sister's friend Suzie set up some time for me with a high school baseball coach this afternoon, so that should put me on the right track. Whatever happens, I will show it next Thursday night when Jerry Seinfeld is on the show so he can make fun of me, along with you at home. It'll be GREAT.

The Cardinals organization has been so great to deal with, and I have pretty much my entire family coming to the game as well as some friends from Bravo and Isaac Mizrahi, who happens to be in town directing an Opera! Whaaa? Here's my ticket for tonight's game:

Man did I have fun at the fried chicken party with Sarah Jessica Parker last night! The only thing wrong with having her on the show is that it goes so damn fast. She is such a sparkly, fun guest (and friend) and we taped a great after show that will get posted later today. SJP's been watching the NY Housewives a lot this season and took some stands last night about the ladies.