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Andy Cohen needs a liver cleanse and a haircut.

on Aug 16, 2007

Last night we taped the first "Top Chef" "Watch What Happens" after show of the season. It was really fun having Joey Paulino and Sara Nguyen as guests. I was so freaking exhausted when I wrote the blog yesterday and remained so throughout a really frazzled day. I wasn't kidding when I called Dr. Baten for advice yesterday morning. I am in a moment in time where I feel like every minute is planned and it's all going too quick. I guess we all are and that's called life. That being said, I do need a liver cleanse and I need to use something other than "Big Brother 8" with which to meditate. (My yoga teacher is on summer vacation though, so Amber it is!)

After work I found a little peace in my haircutter's chair. My man Tonee (that's how he spells it, see) cuts hair out of his apartment. The appointment began with me blustering through his door and promptly breaking a vase. I literally just whacked it with my hand and it shattered. I was picking up the pieces when I found a West Elm label on one of them, which made me feel not too bad.

On a side note, have you noticed how West Elm is literally ripping off Jonathan Adler in an overt, direct, non subtle and cruel way? I was at a friend's beach house sitting on some supercool palm beachy chairs last week and I asked how much Adler charged for them and he said "Would you believe they are from West Elm?" Though it was shocking, I continued eating my seasonal corn and really got fired up about it when I broke the vase at Tonee's place. (Yes I know it is still weird to you, but he really does spell it "Tonee" and I think it is interessante even after 14 years of his service.)

Anyway, check out the West Elm goods and tell me if you disagree re: copyright infringement. If I were Jonathan Adler, I would be piiiiissssssed. And all this explains why I didn't feel incredibly awful about the vase breakage, though I did agree to pay. Tonee said his ex-boyfriend (yeah Tonee is a homosex) got the vase on sale for $4.99 at a clearance sale and not to worry about it so I am completely in the clear.