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In a rare move, Andy Cohen stayed in for the night and caught up on his stories.

on May 6, 2010

Susan Feniger puts a smile on my face, is all I can say about last night's Top Chef Masters episode. Oh and so does Susur. I am really digging this group and endlessly entertained by the idea of mega chefs competing in Top Chef challenges. I love that Moonen had originally judged the Quickfire in which he found himself competing last night.

Last night my plans got cancelled last minute so I chillaxed at home with some delish Whole Foods prepared stuff (I am a bachelor), 2 DVDs of upcoming NYC Housewives episodes, and some old Oprahs on my DVR. 

Here's What: some of the NYC ladies go away to St. John starting next week, and what happens is not to be believed. Two big events, over three episodes.... I could say it till the cows come home, but truth is stranger than fiction and for anybody who doubts the real-ness of these shows, keep watching.  We're just not that creative, people. 

I watched Tuesday's Oprah featuring Laura Bush last night and it bewildered me on many levels. She's a sweet, nice, smart, simple?, likeable enough woman. I respect her and I feel bad for presuming she was doped up in the White House for eight years. Maybe she's just simple and quiet. 

She gave a tour of their ranch in Crawford. The land is beautiful and the house is quite simple, and kind of plain. It depressed me a little if you want to know the truth. Sometimes it is better to not see the inside of people's homes. Let me imagine the beauty.