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What made Andy Cohen cry like a baby? Read on.

on Oct 20, 2008

What a fun, busy weekend. My parents were here, which is always simultaneously fun and a melancholy reminder of how fast life is going.

Friday night I celebrated my 20th anniversary of friendship with two leading ladies in my life, Dr. Amanda Baten and Graciela Meltzer at il Buco. The three of us met studying abroad in London in the fall of '88 and our soul connection took off from there.

Amanda was the first person I ever came out to and Grac spent the semester wondering why I never came onto her. 20 years later, we still make each other laugh like crazy.

Saturday was an all-day Bravo photoshoot featuring everyone from Padma to Lipton and the Real Housewives of NYC. There was A LOT of energy in that joint and it was great seeing everyone. We have very outspoken and fun people working at Bravo. Joy.

I bopped out of the photo shoot for a Persky-Cohen lunch, which really was an election summit held at Antonucci's on the Upper East side. Who ISN'T obsessed with this freaking election? When my Mom got back to the InterContinental, she discovered that Sarah Palin was also staying there. That's what ya get for stayin' at the InterContinental!