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Andy recalls some epic party moments.

on Feb 7, 2006

There were some surprise elements to the party that Grac had kept to herself so that I would have something new to chew on. Like the fact that she had her hair done (bouffant!), that she would be changing outfits every hour (endless party dresses!), that our pal Lee was going to come in drag (his drag name was Monica LaMonica and it was scary), and that everyone would be getting fake tattoos at midnight. It was fun.

A few years later, Graciela moved to LA and decided to throw me a "June Ball" at her place. My birthday is in June, which I always considered a very yellow month. Our thinking amounted to the following equation: June + Yellow = June Ball! All the guests were required to wear yellow and all of the food we served was yellow. That consisted of "Peeps", Bananas, Lemon-icy vodka shots, Lemonheads, and more "peeps!" For me, the June Ball was the party of the year. Jennifer Aniston showed up (not wearing yellow) with Kathy Najimy - I had no clue who Aniston was (it was year 1 of "Friends") but I gave her a huge kiss and hug (I was the birthday boy!) and Grac and I got a couple years of mileage out of the story. I still get use out my yellow sequin tails.

The following year Grac hosted a 30th disco party for our pal Bruce to celebrate his 31st birthday party. (Yes it was a 30th party on his 31st - long story.) Everyone was in disco duds, and I had somehow seen to it that ROOM 222 star and 70's icon Karen Valentine showed up! K-Va in the house! It was a smash.

I returned Grac's favor and threw her a party a few years later in New York City before she got married; I like to fool myself into thinking I started a trend. The party was a "Gay Shower" whose point was to bid adieu to the diva we loved as she headed off to marriage and the Upper East Side. Grac arrived in full hair and makeup with a big red lollipop, there were no other women allowed, she got amazing gifts including a rain poncho from Dollywood, and Bob Morris wrote a genius Talk of the Town piece about the whole thing for The New Yorker.