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Andy talks about his received gifts and some TV gems.

on May 7, 2007

Friday night should have been all about the big Paris Hilton-is-going-to-jail-breaking-news. But at this point, does anybody care one way or another what happens to her? I loved Kathy Hilton accusing the judge of being a publicity whore. Rich. And zzzzz.

Saturday in NYC felt like walking around in a poppy field. I was in a total allergy haze all day. I sleepwalked my way through some galleries with Bruce and almost fell asleep on a lounge at Scoop waiting for him to purchase thongs.

Saturday night we had the time of our lives at the original 2nd Avenue Palm, which is fast becoming a Saturday Night classic venue. Midway through the meal, Liza announced that it was "Liza's Favorite Things" Night at the Palm! And that we were the lucky audience members who would all be gifted! We freaked out. Suddenly "YOU get a car! YOU get a car! EVERY BODY GETS A CAR!!!" rang through my head. I thought I was going to throw a chair. So Liza pulls out a big bag and out come the gifts! Turns out that Oprah Liza brought us each her current favorite thing (Pink Jasmine Body Creme from Fresh)! And I got some creme! And BRUCE got some creme! And TROY got some creme! And LYNN got some creme! And AMANDA got some creme! And EVERY BODY GOT SOME CREME! And YOU get the idea! And I soon got the idea to have "favorite things" dinners where everybody brings their current fave thing to dinner for everybody they're eating with. So if you're eating with 5 other people, then everybody brings 5 identical gifts and gets 5 gifts. (I think I'd bring lilac dark chocolate for everybody.) Nobody liked my idea though, and thought we should do it where it's one person's favorite thing night and so you leave with that person's gift. And then you have five more meals and get five more gifts, providing you can find five nights to schedule five meals sometime before you die. I guess that's how we are going to do it.