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Andy recaps his night with Liza and Jamie Persky.

on Apr 24, 2007

Last night It was "Wonder Twin Power Activate!" time at the 40th birthday extravaganza for Liza and Jamie Persky. Liza is an Andy's Blog regular and the star of 39 Second Single AND IdolCritic. Her identical twin Jamie is the co-owner of Jamie's on Main in Stowe, Vermont, a huge Lindsay Wagner fan, and Vermont's Sandwich Queen! (Do I smell a Quickfire?) Being adorable twins (fraternal but identical), they called it their 80th birthday party. Whatever it was, people turned out in droves from all aspects of their lives and there was a lot of lerve in da house. RuPaul was there. (Liza was a producer on his Vh-1 show.) So was Jane Curtin (the girls' dad, Bill, created "Kate and Allie," among others). So was Bravo's Susie Essman! (She's really "Curb Your Enthusiasm"'s Susie but she has a great new show called "Better Half" on Bravo later this year so we're taking ownership now.) So was Adriana Trigiani, author of the wildly popular Big Stone Gap Series of books, and also the Italian Oprah. And Shields and Yarnell performed. (I am kidding about that, unfortunately.)