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Andy gives feedback on your suggestions for Jaclyn Smith's sayonara.

on Apr 11, 2007

A few months ago I wrote a blog lamenting how hard it is to come up with catchy "goodbye" lines for reality shows -- and asked for your suggestions for Jaclyn Smith's sayonara to "Shear Genius" stylists. Over four hundred of you weighed in!

The Most Popular/Most suggested: You don't make the cut. You've been cut. Hair today, gone tomorrow. You've been snipped. Take your scissors and run. You're out of style. Beauty school dropout. You're washed out. We've cancelled your future appointments. Sweep up your station and go. You're a cut below the rest. Curl up and dye. Your work isn't shear genius. Time for you to cut and run. You are a hair "don't." You've been snipped. This is where we part.

There are no shortage of fun hair puns, and you covered those bases well: "Make like your ends, and split." - May "Back to 'Great Clips' with you." - May "This is your bad hair day." - Macy "Your do is thru perm..anently." - Bernie DeVito "Hair today, gone tomorrow." - Liza "Go back to your roots." - Liza "Loser's Name, you should curl up and dye, you are not the next shear genius." - Melissa "Buzz off." - Amy "We need to trim the competition." - Amy "You may run with your scissors." - Esbee "Like a dead end, you've been snipped." - Esbee "Your appointment is over." - Marcia Trickett "Cut it out." - Nik "You're no genius." - Jesse "You've been coiffed!" (Like you've been offed or "auf'd"!) - Nancy Burdette