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Dead Mouse?

Andy Cohen contemplates the ick factor of a dead mouse.

This morning I saw a dead little mouse on Hudson Street. It looked both sad and cute all at once, and so I took a picture and tweeted it and asked whether it was gross or cute. How can something dead be cute, I wondered....

Here's the pic, by the way. You can't tell how very very teeeny this lil critter is/was by the pic because I got up close to it.

So I got over 100 responses and they were decidedly mixed. Many people thought the mouse was still quite cute, even in its dead-ness. Many thought that it was, in fact, a rat. Many New Yorkers commented that they were pleased that there is one less rodent plaguing the city.  Several people thought that I was in need of a vacation, and — along those lines — several un-followed me and said that I am grosser than the dead thing. Someone said that it WAS cute and is now actually gross. (Editor's Note: It's gross!)

A couple people asked if anybody saw me taking the picture. (They did not). Some commented that the wetness surrounding the rodent was grosser than the dead thing. (I think it was a puddle.) There were comments about how huge the rodent is. I want to reiterate that it was teeeeensy and it only looks big.

OK maybe it is very gross. I am sorry to have put that out there. 

Now, on to some follow up news to a story no one cared about in the first place, I did NOT wind up watching Big Brother last night, nor did I do anything about my ear yesterday. It maybe feels a little better. I can't tell. Soon I will put it back in the ocean where maybe it will get worse again. Thank you for all your ear-vice though. I learned a lot!

Tonight, Bethenny goes to St. Bart's on her honeymoon. And if THAT isn't a little comic relief to a week of hair extension pulling then I do not know what is.

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