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Did I Earn A Puppy, Too?

Andy's reaction to the election.

Greetings from Barackefeller Plaza!!!! What a night. I have watched the President - Elect's speech several times and I'm done in by his humility, grace, honor, dignity and optimism in the face of our daunting, uncertain future. He is our President.

His audience was a rainbow of faces taking in his words like water; we need his energy to face what is ahead. Might we compare our country's shift in spirit today to when Reagan took office? And, more importantly, what did we think of Michelle's dress? I was taken aback upon first seeing it, just because it was so unexpected, but I thought she looked like a million bucks. And I love it that she took a chance on a dress that I hear was designed by (Obama supporter and great guy) Narciso Rodriguez. We have a black first lady. History.

How sad, then, that concurrent to history came several states legislating gay hate. I can't adopt a kid in Arkansas or get married in Arizona or Florida. How is it possible that in 2008 we can elect a black president but it's still ok to fear and hate gay people? And we wait with baited breath for California's results to come in...

I was fortunate enough to watch the returns with a group of great friends in the West Village, and even more fortunate that they let me control the remote. That is an HONOR, people! I flitted around the dial like a madman.

Some observations of the coverage:

* When Donna Brazile went missing from CNN's Pundit Island, we went on a mad hunt for our first lady of inspirational punditry. We tried everything, emailed high level Demos and high level CNN anchors, until we finally found her ourselves, being largely ignored and underused on ABC. Who is Donna's agent and how'd he get her a multi-network deal? (And is there something we can do with her at Bravo?)

* HDTV is generally unkind to age, and Mr. Charlie Gibson was the victim over at ABC, where their electoral map was augmented by a map of CG's wrinkled whatnots. Conversely, Diane Sawyer shone under microscopic HD scrutiny. We all need to get onboard not only with our new President, but with whatever facial enhancement system this lady is employing to her million dollar face.

* John King's mastery of his touch-map is a revelation. And he looks like an 80's porn star. And he's very good with his hands.

* Anderson's hologram interview with was, I thought, supadoopacool. It would've been even a teeny bit cooler if it was with someone of importance.

* NBC's virtual universe of greenscreened columns of majesty was all well and good until they blew it by turning off the effect and showing Ann Curry in her teeny studio, among the actual dumpy greenscreens. I don't need to see that! I want MAGIC from election night, save the behind the scenes for the DVD extras, por favor. We applauded for Chuck Todd everytime he came onscreen.

* Candy Crowley! * It was fun watching the sad, sour faces on FOX NEWS. If there was ever a night to turn to channel 44 (in NYC), last night was it. Sorry, guys.

* I think Rachel Maddow looks like Yentl. Can I get some backup?

It is a happy day.