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Fashion Continues

Andy Cohen attends Michael Kors' runway show.

Before I ramble about yesterday, do you wanna hear something amazing that my friend John Shea figured out last night? This week was all DAYS WITH NAMES! Think back, peoples!

We had SUPERBOWL SUNDAY, SUPER TUESDAY, and ASH WEDNESDAY. What was Monday? "Black Monday"? For me, kinda. What's today? "No Repeat Thursday"? Radio terms aside, isn't it weird? Well, it certainly does not happen often. OK, I just had to mention that...

NOW.... The intersection of celebs at Michael Kors' runway show yesterday morning was a rubberneckin' joyride. It was Eva Longoria Whoosit, Debra Messing, Joy Bryant, Angie Harmon, Ellen Pompeo, Eric "McSteamy" Dane and Rebecca Gayheart. There was Nina Garcia with Joe Zee and ELLEditor Robbie Myers, all a few seats down from a sunglassed and frowning Voguetrix Anna Wintour.

I was sitting between Natasha Richardson and legendary fashion journo Suzy Menkes, trying desperately to look at what Menkes was writing on her pad. I saw two little drawings of dresses, which I thought fantastic. She draws on the pad! Sigourney Weaver was to Richardson's right and she said she and her daughter are big "Project Runway" fans. J'adore La Weaver. Go Ripley!

The show was sensational, men and women together. Lots of tortoise shell glasses and camels hair and grey for the boys and, among other things, fifties classic glamour with hair a la Amy Winehouse for the girls. The NY POST said it was all about sexy librarians. The music was GREAT, too. We spotted Raquel Welch down the row looking very latina and very very very refreshed. Go Rocky, Go!

Donald and Melania were there too. He is as fat as you think he is, fatter actually. And the hair is whipped and neon and musky with thickening sprays and aerosol curios. I had heard that Linda Dano was there too but I didn't see her. I am mildly obsessed with la Dano, she of the oversized pin tribe.

Afterwords I ran over to a "Project Runway" special taping that was a full season 4 cast call. What a group. You forget until you see them all together. Can I insert here what a shockingly perfect creature La Klum is? I met the "Make Me a Supermodel" team in their edit last night to take a last look at tonight's episode, which features a (no joke) joint birthday party for Ben and Ronnie, the kids modeling in NY Fashion week, and a ton of drama. I am really vibing this show! It all happened this last week!

What did you think of the WWE challenge last night? It was our first outright 'costume' challenge and I thought the designers took the jolt to their comfort zones well. Tomorrow morning is the final Runway fashion show in the big tent at Bryant Park. It should be a blast. I got a text from Liza late last night, "So Ricky DOESN'T cry when he gets eliminated?? YOWZA." So true, Liza! So true?!

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