Friday Foam

What is it about Marcel Vigneron that fascinates Andy? Take a look.

Whenever I run into TOP CHEF's unforgettable Heat Miser, Marcel Vigneron, I am overcome with amazement. I am amazed by his hair. I am amazed by his compactness. I am amazed by his raps. I am amazed by his foam. I am amazed by his wordiness. I am amazed he almost didn't get cast. I am amazed by his last name. I am amazed by his enormous eyes. I am amazed that I watched the TC finale with he and Ilan and then hosted a live post-show that resulted in one of the most awkward nights evah. Anyway, he stopped by my dorm room the other day and I thought our chat might be just the amuse bouche to kick off a mid-Aug weekend... (I might be wrong...)

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