Oprah Made Me Flee

Andy Cohen shows the 30 Rock Christmas Tree's star installation.

I am so upset about Oprah that I am on a JAL flight outta here to escape the news in the South Pacific Seas, which is what, I guess, we all must do when faced with an Oprah-less moment. I know she'll relaunch a show but this, to me, is the One. Oh who knows. Anyway, I am leaving and going far enough away that I think there's a chance that my BlackBerry won't function. That would be nice, but is it not OK to Tweet during one's vacation, or is that frowned upon? Last night was fun with Jeana and Vicki. We will post some Web extras (in which Vicki got hammered -- with questions, not booze) later. So the other day they were putting the star up on the Christmas tree and I freaked out, grabbed Anthony while he grabbed his video camera, and did a commentary on the situation outside using my reserve of zero knowledge of what I was speaking. The results are clueless and spellbindingly boring, yet oddly raw and melancholy. One thing I speculated on was why they chopped a tree during green week, and I half knew there'd be an amazing answer. Guess what? There is: the wood is being used by Habitat for Humanity to build houses. Or a village. Or houses in a village. Anyway you cannot dispute the goodness glowing from the tree....

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