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Tuesday Is For Lovers

Andy Cohen celebrates the Jewish New Year with Tabatha Coffey.

It's two hours of power tonight with a new "Runway"/"Top Design" stack starting at 9 P EST.

Put your 'pooter on your lap and log onto the After-show at 10 P EST. We've got Daniel V, a special guest, and someone from this season that will knock you out. Wasn't Anthony a good sport on yesterday's blog?

Last night I celebrated the Jewish New Year with Tabatha Coffey, Rene Fris and a gaggle of gays at Beige at B Bar. I hadn't been in forever and it was great to be back. That place is always packed and it is packed with a lot of people you don't really see anywhere else.

To say that the gays love Tabs is an understatement of epic proportion, kinda like saying America is screwed right now. She was like the People's Princess last night. I've not seen anything like it.

I was so happy to hear her report that the salons she's taken over have mainly undergone massive transformations for the better. She even got a Thank You video from that insane asylum on Long Island she transformed a few weeks ago. Remember the gal with the two-tone hair who called Princess Tabatha "Hitler"? She's front and center on the video sending smooches a la Eva Braun. Now she loves Tabs! Whaaaa?

"Dancing With the Stars" was pretty tame the last two nights. They had a "performance" last night from Jessica Simpson, who is still insisting on covering Robbie Williams' amazing ballad "Angels" and the result is nothing short of a massacre of a great song.

I don't know if you've heard her "sing" this before, but it sounds like food poisoning. Kim Kardashian got eliminated last night and I could give... It is all about Cloris and La Looch. (I think the football player will win. I have no idea who he is.)

I know some of you hate when I write about politics, but it is the only thing that matters right now; I am obsessed and can't resist. I gotta say that I'm loving Katie Couric spoon-feeding us daily doses of Sarah Palin. I am going to miss it when the election is over.

Last night, America's Fave Hockey Mom told Katie that her best pal is a gay and that it didn't bother her because the friend CHOSE this lifestyle and who is she to comment on the pal's CHOICE.

Here's what, you do not choose to be gay. It's great and we're proud and all that, but if it were a choice nobody would pick it. And this lady has a higher approval rating than Joe Biden, so put that in your pipe and take a hit.


as I gazed out the window of Shakil's de-luxe ride, car 9P40 to you, I wondered if anyone actually goes to the NHL store on 6th Ave and 47th. Who? Oh wait -- the Palins? Do they go?

And if they do, then I guess that means so do Americans and I am totally out of touch.