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Things I Need to Tell You

Andy Cohen coveres everything from WWHL's Facts of Life reunion to the RHONY premiere.

Happy Friday, everybody! 

First thing I need to tell you is that we added some book signings and I would love to meet you there. Tonight (Friday) in Vegas at Queue Bar in the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino.  On Monday, June 4th, I will be in L.A. -- Brentwood, California to be exact -- at 7 p.m. at the Diesel bookstore. On Wednesday the 6th I am hitting Atlanta at 6 p.m. at SCAD. 

I wonder what you thought of our big Facts of Life reunion last night with Kim Fields and Mindy Cohn. Imagine my surprise (horror?) when I realized moments before the show that Ms. Fields didn't totally love the idea of talking about Facts of Life for a half hour! Hilarity did not ensue. Who can blame her -- she's had a long and fabulous career since then, but I mean indulge a Gemini, right?

I am really excited for you to see the new RHONY on Monday night. You will definitely miss the departed Housewives (it's always a bummer saying goodbye to old friends), but hopefully you will enjoy the promise of some new fun in NYC. It's a big season -- the women go to Miami, London, and St. Barths. Oh, and they stir up a ton of trouble in Manhattan, as you can imagine. 

Thanks again for all the very nice comments about m'book. I am loving sharing it with you, and really moved that parts of it are touching your heart and others are making you laugh. I think my favorite chapter is about when I was an intern at CBS News and "Express Yourself" was the song of the summer -- and I expressed myself a little too much. 

I'm heading to Vegas to host Miss USA and celebrate my birthday with my parents and some friends.... It should be a fun weekend. Hope to see you on NBC Sunday at 9. (WWHL is off for two weeks, but don't fret, we'll be back with new shows and Teresa is our first guest back.)

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