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WWHL's Segment Producer recalls the Great Fire of 2012. 

on Sep 19, 20120

Since I didn't have a camera to record all of our faces during that moment, I must resort to a brief transcript of what was said aloud in the control room:

"Um, what? Cloris saved Judy's life?"

"Wait, she remembers Lorna Luft's name, but not LIZA? She's talking about Liza, right? Cloris, LIZA? LIZA!"

"From a swimming pool?! With her bare hands?"


Basically, we were all like:


I loved the show with Cloris Leachman!!! I'm coming to NYC on October 10th from California, and if all I need to say to someone (like Andy) is "Are you a good kisser?" then NYC had better watch out! If there's any room in your clubhouse for three girls on a "YOLO/Plead the 5th" trip, then hook a crook! By the way, at Andy's book signing in San Francisco, I told him that since I loved all of Bravo's programming, that he could watch my butt as I walked away. He said "That's riDONKulous!!! Carpe Diem!


Loooooooooooooooved that WWHL show. BEST one in FOREVER. Please make it happen again in the future. :) I'm saving it on my DVR!