Jerry Saltz

Jerry hopes that Michelle actually gets to make her poop piece at some point this season.

on Oct 20, 2011

After the studio meetings, which are tense, Simon tells both groups to start over. (Too bad for the poop group. But Simon says that excretion is "too slow-motion." "Interesting," I think, "but maybe TMI.") The migration group then picks a subject more abstract than migration: circles. Tempers flare. Lola reprimands them for not giving Leon "a voice." I note that Leon was the one who suggested circles. Poop group goes with playgrounds. Lola then announces she's "double fisting" a bale of paper, and that undoes Sucklord, who purrs to Lola that he's making "a dirty game piece." She coos back "Mmmm. Can I play?" The unsexy dork in me is flummoxed, wondering what is it about cockiness that is so attractive to straight women (don't say "confidence"; that's different).