“World’s Prettiest Dog” Has Rapunzelesque Hair of Pure Spun Silk

Puppy with the good hair.

Meet Tea, an Afghan Hound from Sydney who has secured the 100% unofficial title of “World’s Prettiest Dog.”

Tea received social media recognition after her owner, Luke Kavanagh, posted a photo of her to Facebook. While Kavanagh says he was “surprised” by the attention, we’re pretty sure he knew exactly what he was doing when he shared a posed image of his glam pooch gazing whimsically into the distance, hair perfectly preened and glossy as Kendall Jenner’s.

The decorated show dog never had aspirations for fame. (She probably wanted to chase squirrels and enjoy treats and have her hair brushed like Marcia Brady—we’re just spit-balling here.) But with social media success came modeling deals for dog food and dog shampoo, and soon enough, Tea was a sought-after supermodel.

Fortunately for Tea, Kavanagh has decided to give her a quieter existence. “Her retirement is due to no other reason than I reached a point where showing (grooming and show day) was taking me away from spending time with my family, and I want to prioritize them over campaigning my dog.”

But that’s not to say that Tea won’t continue living a life of Sonja Morgan-approved adoration and opulence. “Whether she’s naked or draped in the finest of silk gowns,” says Kavanagh, “Tea will always be my queen.”


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