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Baker Manning Asked EJ Jansen Out Because of a Rumor?!

"Everyone's giving me this look and giggling..." 

By Molly Socha
Are Things Heating up Between EJ and Baker?

The relationship between Baker Manning and EJ Jansen has easily been one of the most G-rated courtships featured on Below Deck. Despite EJ's frequent mentions of waiting for the right moment to make his move, fans of the show have yet to even witness a kiss between the two. With EJ's exit from the boat imminent, it makes a person wonder whether they're reading into the whole relationship. Rest assured the spark is real despite the Canadian bosun's snail-like speed. What's even less expected is the Baker's motivation to invite her boss to dinner. According to Baker, asking EJ out was the direct result of a rumor started by their fellow crew members. On the latest episode of the Bravo podcast After Deck with Kate Chastain, Baker tells Kate about how the crew had already thought romance had blossomed between she and EJ before anything had actually happened. 

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"It's actually funny, like, one of the things that kind of instigated me asking him out was this kind of rumor or what you want to call it going around," Baker told Kate. After the crew had come back from their day at the Lottery Farm resort, EJ and Baker continued their relaxing day by talking as they laid side-by-side on towels on the aft deck. While the camera's revealed little more was happening than very innocent flirting, the Valor crew were getting a much more obstructed view and were letting their imaginations run wild. 

"He and I were chilling out on the aft deck and we just like threw a bunch of towels on the ground and we were just laying on the deck talking," Baker recalled. "A few of the crew were walking through the main salon. They saw our legs on the ground and they thought that we were just like laying on the ground making out." 

While the rumor wasn't true, Baker started looking at EJ in a differently. "It kind of instigated the whole thing," she said. "So, you know, I just figured I'd get to know him a little bit better."

When Kate asked Baker if getting to know him made him more attractive or if the attraction was there from the start, Baker responded, "There was the initial, 'all right, he's a good-looking guy, slightly intelligent,' which is actually kind of hard to find these days. And then it just kind of grew as he turned out to be a stand-up guy and all that."

Want to know what else gave EJ major points in Baker's book? Listen to the full episode of After Deck above.

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