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Raquel "Rocky" Dakota was Shocked by Eddie Lucas' Text

Raquel "Rocky" Dakota weighs in on the Kate and Leon feud and Eddie's suggestive text message.

By Raquel "Rocky" Dakota Were things tense between you and Emile after you gave him the letter?
Raquel "Rocky" Dakota: I felt I tried every way I could to tell Emile that I love him, but as a brother, like my buddy. I was already having a hard time working under Kate and learning how to be a stewardess. Emile really wasn't listening, and everything was starting to pile on top of each other. I needed him to chill out, and I felt like he didn’t understand what I was saying: "I just want to be friends, think of me as your sister." It was annoying, because Eddie, Kate, and Amy kept teasing me about Emile, and I wanted to let everyone know exactly what page I was on -- everyone was making me feel claustrophobic!

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Watch Below Deck on Bravo Mondays at 9/8c and next day on Peacock. Catch up on the Bravo App. What were your thoughts on the conflict between Kate and Chef Leon?
RD: My thoughts on Kate and Leon's conflict. No. 1: The chief stewardess and the chef need to be able to work together. The way Kate talks to Leon is so demeaning and condescending. She attacks or hounds him every time she approaches him; it's not very welcoming. She asks him questions just to make fun of him later. Let's get real here: Kate is total bitch, she thinks she's better than everyone else, and Leon can see right through her whole act. Kate only likes you if you kiss her ass. Leon doesn't play that fake game. At least he doesn't pretend to like Kate; he is honest and tells her straight up, "I don't like you," while Kate constantly talks badly about people behind their back. No. 2: We're all on the same team, Team Eros. Meaning instead of putting each other down, we should be lifting each other up. What's really important is that in the end all the guests seem to be really enjoying Chef Leon's food, so maybe Kate should give him a compliment everyone once in a while instead of tearing him down. I know from experience that daily, nonstop negative energy is extremely exhausting. Since Kate is my direct boss, I can never tell her what I really think about her. But hearing Leon speak his mind makes me feel better knowing I'm not the only one who thinks Kate is an old, cold bowl of oatmeal, with no berries, and no sugar. On a side note, I also think it's hilarious that Kate treated Amy so horribly last season, and Amy just pretends like that never happened. Really?! This season, Kate has to be nice to Amy, because she doesn't have anyone else. No. 3: The guests tell him day of what they want on their tasting menu, and he makes the phone call immediately to get them what they want. I think he does a great job with time allotted.

Chef Leon Lays into Kate How did you feel when you heard Dane had a girlfriend? Did your relationship with him change?
RD: I just think it's funny how all the boys -- Emile, Dane, and Eddie -- are so wishy-washy with their girlfriends. Until someone completely sweeps me off my feet, I'm not settling. Sounds like these guys want a girlfriend until something better pops up or when it's convenient for them. What was going through your mind when you got Eddie's text?
RD: When I first got on the yacht, Eddie was the only guy that grabbed my attention. Then I found out he had a girlfriend, so he was off limits. However as time went on, he started eyeballing me up and down, like really eyeballing me. All season he seemed frustrated and just on his phone arguing back and forth with his chick. When I got the text...I was a little shocked, I guess I figured he broke up with his girlfriend, and here we are floating on a yacht, stuck in tropical paradise…what do you think goes on below deck?

Dane's Partying Goes Too Far

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