Smooth Operator

Smooth Operator

Julie lets us in on her "Metrocard Dance," and the inner-workings of Bethenny HQ.

OK, so my "Metrocard Dance" was not the "smoothest," but I was having fun with Bethenny and her friends. . .even if she thought I was awkward.

I was glad she invited me out with her and her friends. And let's all be real. . .I needed a night out!

Skating With the Stars -- Yes, at first it did give me heart palpitations. How would we get it all done? How can we do it all? I have come to the conclusion that things will never slow down with Bethenny. It will always be busy, and as soon as I accept that, we can do anything.

I loved ice skating growing up. I used to go at least two times a week. I even had a little neon yellow skirt that I wore and white fitted skates that I got at a garage sale. I couldn't wait for Bethenny to take the ice! She was so excited picking out her skates, and Jake and I couldn't help giggling at her in the background. Not many people have a chance to live their childhood dream later in life. . .

I loved seeing Jake and Bethenny out together trying to find a date. Jake was hilarious and is truly one of Bethenny's great friends.

Let me tell you, I am SO glad Shawn is back and that he is planning Bethenny's 40th Birthday party!!! That means I can focus on office work, and I trust that he will do an amazing job!



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