All that Drama

All that Drama

Julie discusses the myriad ups and downs of this episode and what she wants to do with her life.

Oh apartment drama, relationship drama, life drama. It seems like all is covered in this episode! And lots of confrontation -- which we all know that I love (I really hate it, and Bethenny loves putting me in confrontation situations).

As I have mentioned before, I am glad Bethenny has people in her life to talk her issues out with. Jake, RaRa, Connie, and Stacey are terrific friends. They all give good advice, but we all know that it comes down to you as a person, not what anyone else says. Bethenny is working through a lot of things. She is a person, with emotions, tears, happiness, and relationship issues, just like all of us.


Watching the process of buying, renovating, and decorating an apartment in Manhattan has been quite the eye-opener! I don't think Bethenny or Jason knew what a large amount of work, approvals, and meetings it would actually be. They really do have the BEST team in Manhattan though. Even if there is tension now, I know they will get it done in time and it will be amazing.

Bethenny always wants to speak what is on her mind. She felt as if before the website meeting was a good time to talk to Jackie and I about our jobs, lives, and plans for the future. She has been struggling with lots of feelings lately, so while I was taken off-guard before the meeting, I was not surprised that she initiated the conversation. Things move so fast, so some things at Team B have been falling to the wayside, and Jackie and I were working together to learn how to work together.

My boyfriend lives in Pittsburgh (our hometown), and I am constantly trying to live my life in New York, while keeping my relationship working.

When Bethenny asks me about "where I am in my life," I get emotional. I ask myself this question a lot, but as Bethenny said in the previous scene, you can wallow over your issues all day long -- but at some point you have to put all that away and WORK.

That is what I have been doing. I am 29 years old. I have a career and a life in New York. Like everyone, I struggle with where my place is. What will I be doing in 10 years? What do I want out of life? The last six years have been full of experience in both tough and rewarding jobs. I am loyal. I work and I play hard. A lot of the time, my entire life revolves around my "job" and sometimes I wonder if that will always be OK with me. . .These questions go around and around my head daily. Sometimes until you are ready to figure out the answers you push these feelings aside.

I am glad that we have had this conversation, although I wish it was at another time. Jackie and I both have the best intentions for Bethenny and Skinnygirl, and I work everyday trying to make Bethenny's life easier and look towards what is to come in the future.



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