17 Hilarious Costumes to Outfit Your Dog This Halloween

17 Hilarious Costumes to Outfit Your Dog This Halloween

Because an adorably-attired pooch is always the life of the party!

By Mitra Sorrells

You love your dog. You love Halloween. So yes, of course, you need to get your pooch decked out in a hilarious (some might say ridiculous) costume this October 31. And here’s the best part: you can completely stop stressing about your outfit if your costumed dog will be with you because he or she will instantly be the life of the party! (And the star of all the photos!)

But before you get all caught up in these adorable costumes, think about your dog's specific likes and dislikes. For example, the easiest, and often most affordable costumes, are the hat-style ones — check out the Viking hat! But some dogs may not like having something on their head, which could make that affordable choice a complete waste of money. If you choose a full-body costume, closely read the sizing information: too tight and it will be uncomfortable but too loose and it can be a safety hazard. Look for costumes that are easy to put on and take off — usually it’s the ones that wrap around the dog’s body without having to go over the head. Also, ahem, be aware if the costume will limit your dog’s bodily functions.

We’ve rounded up some of the cutest, most hilarious costumes that are out there. Once you’ve picked the perfect one for your pooch, be sure to order it well in advance so there will be time for your dog to get accustomed to wearing it. Take my advice —treats help!


1. UPS Pal Dog Costume




He’ll be the most adorable delivery guy on the block!


2. Big Dog Darth



Darth Vader only wished he was this cute.


3. Hula Girl



Everyone will want to say "aloha" to your adorable dog!


4. Viking Hat





Embrace your dog’s inner warrior.


5. Statue of Liberty





“In Dog We Trust” — am I right?


6. Business Suit




Your perfectly professional pooch!


7. Rasta Dog





Don’t worry, be happy when your dog is decked out in this Rasta costume with dreadlocks.


8. Wonder Woman




This one is made especially for big dogs.


9. Green-haired Witch Hat



Your dog will surely cast a spell on everyone in this adorable hat.


10. Walking Teddy Bear



As if being a dog isn’t cute enough, now he can double as a teddy bear.


11. Classic Batman Costume




Here comes the caped crusader!


12. Lion Mane



Any pup would be proud to be King of the Jungle for a night.


13. Minion Stuart



This Minion costume comes in sizes extra-small through extra-large.


14. Raptor Dinosaur



Turn your furbaby into a prehistoric creature with this adorable dinosaur costume.


15. The Real Housewives Real Housepet Personalized Bandana


 Show everyone the depths of your—and your dog’s—Bravo love with this “Real Housepet” bandana.



16. Spider



There’s nothing creepy about this cute spider!


17. Peacock



He’ll be walking around proud as a you-know-what in this costume.

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