Avocado Prices Are Staggering — And Here's Why They Won't Get Much Better This Year

Avocado Prices Are Staggering — And Here's Why They Won't Get Much Better This Year

It might be a good time to look for something else to jazz up your toast.

By Tamara Palmer

Avocados are never cheap compared to other produce — and shopping for the green gold can often result in sticker shock. But have you noticed that lately the cost of avocados is steeper than you can ever remember before? No, it's not just you: The price of avocados in America is up some 125 percent, according to CNN.

Why are they so expensive at this very moment, though?

Well (wait for it), it's partially due to people being obsessed with avocado toast. (That's why we can't have nice things.) Indeed, Americans consume an average of seven pounds of avocados per year. And the hiked-up price is also partially because one of the country's biggest suppliers is not currently in a growing season.

“California produces most of the avocados, about 80 percent of the avocados grown in U.S.,” agricultural economist John Bovay told People. “And obviously Hass avocados is the type of avocado that’s most popular, and that’s mostly grown in California.”

The Golden State grows avocados from March to July or August, after which time distributors import more from south of the border. Moreover, the California Avocado Commission reported a weak harvest in 2017, down 44 percent from the previous year.

“So in this time of year if we want Hass avocados we have to import them and when we import them from Mexico we’re competing with everybody else in the world who wants Mexican Hass avocados,” Bovay explained.

It may be time to take a cue from the Californians and grow your own — or at least come up with some alternative toast topping in the meanwhile.

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