Hellooo, Would You Like to See 576 Border Collies in One Park (AKA Heaven)?

Hellooo, Would You Like to See 576 Border Collies in One Park (AKA Heaven)?

Of course you would!

By Kristyn Pomranz

Listen, no matter where you live, no matter your political affiliation, no matter your personal feelings on literally anything at all, we can all agree: the news sucks. Nobody wants to hear about nuclear war or white supremacy or Katy Perry’s album sales.

You know what kind of news we do want? News about dogs. News about Guinness Records. And most importantly, news about dogs trying to break Guinness Records. ‘Cause in a world of drudgery and misery, there are two things that consistently deliver joy: Puppers and inconsequential oneupsmanship!

So today we bring you one breed’s attempt to break the unofficial record for “Most Border Collies in One Place.” With 576 border collies gathered in Willaston Oval (by word of the official Border Collie Owners of South Australia Facebook page), the very good doggos successfully broke the 2013 record of 503. Unfortunately, the Guinness Book doesn’t recognize breed-specific achievements, so the record will have to live on in our hearts (and on this site) alone.

The good news? The border collies raised over $6,000 for charity, and probably at least 6,000 likes on Instagram. Here’s video of the amazing feat:

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