9 Dreamy Fictional Destinations We'd Love to Visit IRL

9 Dreamy Fictional Destinations We'd Love to Visit IRL

Let's catch a plane to an imaginary place, shall we?

Have you ever pondered a place so perfect, so dreamy, and so totally appealing that you’d drop everything to be on the next flight there? Alas, sometimes it's not possible — because those impeccable places are merely fictional creations! Check out nine spots conjured by the writers of books, shows, and movies that we'd love to visit in real life if we possibly could.

1. Narnia

First of all, who wouldn’t want to travel to a place that lies within a multiverse? Add to that the fact that it’s a magical world with talking animals, mythical creatures, and a beautifully forested terrain, and we’re down for a trip to Narnia — as long as we’re not there during the rule of the white witch.

2. Emerald City

The capital of the Land of Oz appears awash in divine emerald green. And then there's the towering palace for a skyline and the fact that the city was built for a wizard whose ride is a hot air balloon — does it get more whimsical than that?

3. Rivendell

The elves from The Lord of the Rings are a formidable and beautiful force. What’s more is that the land they inhabit, called Rivendell, is a hidden valley with four distinct seasons, all of which are mild. Waterfalls abound here and people far and wide consider it to be a sanctuary. Sign us up.

4. Pandora

If you’ve seen the movie Avatar, then you already know that Pandora is up there with the dreamiest of fictional worlds. It’s a moon, first of all. Deadly creatures who roam the land seems a reasonable trade off for magical bioluminescence and the fact that flying islands exist in this place. We’d prefer to have a local guide, but we’d go in a heartbeat either way.

5. Bikini Bottom

Provided we could suddenly breathe under water, we want to go to Bikini Bottom. It’s where the eternally peppy SpongeBob SquarePants lives, but it’s also home to plenty of travel-worthy sights: The Krusty Krab, The Jellyfish Fields, Mussel Beach, Spork Mountain, Kelp Forest, and Sea Needle, for instance. Plus, maybe we might just be able to stay in a pineapple under the sea while there. How fun, right?!

6. Spectre

The cool thing about the tiny town of Spectre from the movie Big Fish is that it didn’t exist before the movie and doesn’t really exist now — but the buildings are all there. Spectre was built specifically as a movie set and hasn’t been used for anything since. So while we’d like to visit the actual set remnants, we’d go there imagining we’re in the film’s version of the town: friendly folks everywhere, a quaint setting, and no expectation from anyone anywhere that shoes should be worn. 

7. FernGully

We’ll grant you: FernGully undergoes some environmental dramas in the 1992 movie by the same name that wouldn’t necessarily be any fun to experience. But we’d love to visit FernGully the way it was intended to be: a pristinely forested stretch of magical land, free from the impact of human development, and filled with fairies. 

8. Risa

If ever there were a planet ripe with hedonism, perfect weather, and paradise-like beaches everywhere, Risa from Star Trek is that place. If only we could get there by plane!

9. Wonderland

While it might be a little bit of a head trip, we’d happily fall through the rabbit hole to Alice's Wonderland (provided we knew we could check back into reality when we decided we’d had enough). With animals as friends, twists on ordinary logic, and an advice-giving, hookah-smoking caterpillar, Wonderland might not be the most relaxing trip — but it’s certainly one we’d never forget.

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Jet Set is Bravo's launch pad for the most extravagant, luxurious, and unforgettable travel experiences. Ready for takeoff? Then Like us on Facebook to stay connected to our daily updates.

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