9 Indisputable Facts About Every Single Person Who Has a Labrador Retriever

9 Indisputable Facts About Every Single Person Who Has a Labrador Retriever

This is your truth and it is unflinchingly rigid.

By Kristyn Pomranz

Ahh, the Labrador retriever. With its friendly face, happy-go-lucky nature, and unyielding loyalty, it’s no wonder that the Lab is the most popular dog breed in America 26 years running. And just as all dog breeds have their consistent characteristics, so do their humans. If you own a Lab (or know someone who does), we are about to blow your mind by describing you (or them) to a T.

1. You have, like, a million friends.

Yes, Lab owners are dog people, but they’re also people-people. You thrive on social interaction and attract new friends like bees to honey.

2. You ran out of booze at your last party.

It wasn’t supposed to be a rager—you just wanted a li’l get-together with your closest friends. But then all their showed up and you were having so much fun and…

3. You love apple pie.

You own the most popular dog in America, and as such, you have an ingrained patriotism—so by the transitive property, you totally love our national dessert.

4. You’re bad at keeping up with book club.

You’re super into learning and you love books. It’s just that you don’t actually have the bandwidth to read them right now. You wish you could though!

5. You have kids (or you want kids).

You’re never phased by neediness and you don’t mind a mess. In fact, caretaking is kind of your jam and unconditional love is your favorite reward.

6. You held a door for someone today.

You’re kind, you’re considerate, and you never mind helping out your fellow man (or dog). In fact, you take those things for granted.

7. You just ran four miles.

Or did 30 reps. Or swam 25 laps. You didn’t mean to, it was just that once you got started, you felt so energized that you just kept pushing that extra little bit.

8. You’d rather be picking wildflowers right now.

“Why would anybody stay inside?,” you ask yourself. “There are games to be played and hikes to be had and so much fresh air to soak up! Don’t you know it’s spring?!”

9. Smiling is your favorite.

Sure, you have your downer days but in general, things are pretty damn great. And when they’re not…well, you just look at your Lab and suddenly they are again.

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