New Décor Trend: A Headless, Armless, Legless Dog That’s Actually Just a Creepy Robot

New Décor Trend: A Headless, Armless, Legless Dog That’s Actually Just a Creepy Robot

WHYYY do we feel like we need this robotic cushion with a tail?!

By Kristyn Pomranz

Meet Qoobo, a tailed robot cushion that “heals your heart.”

If you just scanned that sentence and your immediate response was “WTF did I just read?” you are not alone. Let us break it down for you: The Qoobo is basically a simple ottoman made out of synthetic pet fur, but it also has a tail—and a robotic mechanism that makes the tail wag—all in the name of emotional therapy.

How exactly does a cushion with a tail and an internal robot serve as a psychological salve? By being, like, a 64th of an actual pet. Wimply caress the Qoobo the same way you would pet your cat or dog, and watch the tail wag gently. Pat it a little harder, and it will move more vigorously. And just in case a responsive robot is a little too predictable for you, the Qoobo also “occasionally wags just to say hello.”

Why? Well, we’re not exactly sure, but the Qoobo’s website claims it offers “comforting communication that warms your heart the way animals do.” Its highly simplified instruction manual reads:

  1. Stroke it.
  2. Feel the reaction.
  3. Get healed.

See? Easy peasy!

The Qoobo comes in both Husky Gray and French Brown so you can select the weird, headless, legless animal that best suits the rest of your décor. And since, y’know, it’s a robot instead of an animal, you never have to worry about allergens in the air. Is the Qoobo the perfect pet? No. No, it’s most definitely not. (But we kiiiinda want it anyway.)

Credit: Qoobo

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