A Concierge Spills on What It's Really Like to Work at a Nudist Resort: "Total Freedom"

A Concierge Spills on What It's Really Like to Work at a Nudist Resort: "Total Freedom"

She originally thought she was going to work at a family property — but there was a wee mixup.

By Charyn Pfeuffer

Come on, admit it. You've found yourself curious, at least once, about what the nudist resort experience is like. Now let's take it to the next level: Imagine, if you will, what it would be like to actually work in one.

Nudist resorts have been around for more than a century, exploding during the sexual revolution in the '70s. So it's a sector that has employed its fair share of hard-working staff people over all those years. Well, spending your daily grind day in and day out on the service side of things, in a sexually charged atmosphere, requires a rather unique skill set. So we got the scoop on what it's really like from Serena Williams — no relation to the tennis star — who is a nude beach concierge at Hedonism II in Jamaica's Seven Mile Beach. Since its inception, in 1976, the resort has been a place where nudist, bisexual, heterosexual, and “lifestyle” folks (that's swingers, for the uninitiated) can live out their fantasies — however mild or wild they may be. Williams takes us inside the experience:

How did you end up working at a nude resort? 

"It’s a strange story that I look back at from time to time, because I started off working here by chance. I was enrolled in a work experience program. As part of the program I had to do an on-the-job experience and was accidentally placed at [now-closed sister resort] Hedonism III, instead of a family resort. It was a free atmosphere, which I liked, but by the time it was discovered that I was sent to Hedonism III by accident, I was already working hard and loved by staff and guests. The rest, as they say, is history."

What was the biggest surprise for you when you started working in this kind of environment?

"People being so comfortable being naked."

Over time, do you stop thinking about who just sat on that chair you're about to use? 

"Guests are very good at ensuring a towel or some cloth is between their bare bums and the chairs."

If guests proposition you, how do you handle it?

"Handling the propositions gets better with time, as our guests are respectful and respond favorably when you turn down their offers."

What are the policies for fraternizing with guests? 

"The resort has a very strict anti-fraternizing policy; team members are not allowed to have any inappropriate relationship with guests, and consequences exist if they do. It also works the other way — if a guest behaves inappropriately, they may be asked to leave the resort."

Do you have any etiquette pointers for nude resort first-timers?

"First thing, the key to enjoying your vacation lies with you, whether you want it to be mild, wild, or somewhere in the middle. And when you’ve decided the time to come, let it be with an open mind, without expectations, and do what makes you feel comfortable while respecting others."

What is the most outrageous thing you’ve seen?

"Sigh…where should I start?"

Let's start with the strangest request you’ve gotten from a guest?

"Hedonism II is a liberal environment, so everything seems normal."

Is there any situation that still makes you feel self-conscious?

"After 16 years at Hedonism II and III, and being exposed to people of all body type, color, height, I’ve found that at the core everyone is very similar. Everyone is here to have a good time, there is no judgment [or] guilt, and there is total freedom. And that unique self-liberating experience has transferred to me."

Do you find nudity less sexy now in your personal life than you did before?

"Absolutely not! If anything, it contributes to my personal life. You see things and when you get home you want to try them. So, it adds a level of spark and zest."

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