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Is Your Bathroom a Cluttered Mess? These Products Will Get You Organized Fast


By Dina El Nabli

For most of us, the bathroom is our smallest (Read: Teeny tiniest!) room in the house, so when clutter builds, it ain’t pretty. Yup, things can get ugly fast—we’re talking not-quite-empty shampoo bottles lining your shower, half-used tubes of hand cream crowding your cabinet and that bright purple eye shadow palette (the one you haven’t touched since 2014) languishing at the bottom of your vanity drawer with six shades of nude lipsticks. This is no way to live.

No matter how much real estate you’ve got in your bathroom, it’s not going to do you a bit of good if you can’t find the Bactine when your kid has a scraped knee or pack of those razor refills you need right. This. Second. The great thing about the bathroom is that you can actually organize it in a day with the right products and the discipline to toss stuff that’s expired or never used. We’ve rounded up 15 great-looking organizers that’ll whip your toiletries right into shape. Because a more organized bathroom means less screaming in the morning.

Choreograph Shower Caddy

Floating shelves not only look gorgeous in your shower, but they’re practical, too. Besides doing the obvious work of getting bottles off the floor, this two-shelf caddy has genius slots for hanging your washcloth and razor. And it comes in three finishes (brushed nickel, dark bronze and polished silver) so it’ll look custom-made.

BUY NOW: Wayfair, $90.75 (Regularly $121, 25% Off!)

Retro Apothecary Jars

These durable glass beauties are as functional as they are stylish. Stainless steel lids and simple clean lines add a sleek modern look to your countertop or shelves. Use them to store Q-tips, cotton balls, hand soaps and your fave Intergalactic bath bombs.

BUY NOW: Container Store, $7.99-$11.99 each

Stainless Steel Canister

Not everything looks pretty in a see-through jar. These modern industrial canisters are the perfect vehicle for storing the not-so-cute (but necessary!) stuff that lives in the bathroom like medical ointments, makeup brushes and your endless supply of hand lotions and hair serums.

BUY NOW: CB2, $7.95 each

Shampoo and Soap Dispenser Wall Mount

We get it. You don’t want to waste a precious ounce of your splurge shampoo and end up with a shower crammed with grungy, almost empty bottles. Enter this sleek wall mount, which will make your shower feel like a spa. And if you buy your favorite shampoo and conditioner in bulk, these refillable dispensers are the perfect storage vehicles.

BUY NOW: Wayfair, $69.99 (Regularly $90.99, 23% Off!)

Glass and Metal Vanity Organizer

If browsing through the Threshold collection at Target makes you do a happy dance, you’ll love this glam organizer. For starters, it looks like a high-end piece that lives in a boutique hotel—minus the boutique price. And it’s the prettiest way to keep your makeup in order and within reach. Six compartments make it easy to sort makeup brushes, mascara, lipsticks and the rest of your essentials.

BUY NOW: Target, $19.99

Linen Tower

Nothing showcases those expensive towels you got as a wedding present like a stunning linen tower. Five tiers means there’s room to store bath and hand towels and washcloths, with extra room for your favorite scented candle or essential oils. Added bonus: Levelers keep it stable.

BUY NOW: Wayfair, $114.82 (Regularly $134.99, 15% Off!)

Ikea Molger Cart

Rolling carts are one of my favorite storage solutions because they can be used in just about any room. This model from Ikea is high on utility plus its dark brown finish gives it a rich look. If you want to store (and hide) your toiletries, add some bins to one of the shelves and use the others for towels, cosmetics or bath salts.

BUY NOW: Ikea, $49.99

Stainless Steel Towel Hook

You can never have enough hooks in the bathroom. These brushed stainless steel beauties are sturdy enough to hold oversized bath towels and great for hanging robes, too. Get an extra for the shower to hang your bath sponge.

BUY NOW: Amazon, $9.99 each

Rustic Wall Shelf

Wall shelves are a beautiful thing—not only do they get you organized, but they’re a lifesaver if counter space is limited (or non-existent) in your bathroom. Hand soaps, washcloths and even toilet paper look prettier stored on a floating shelf. A metal rail below is the perfect spot for your hand towels. Added bonus: The shelf comes fully assembled.

BUY NOW: Amazon, $39.99

Drawer Organizer

When renovating our bathroom years ago, we made sure to buy a vanity with extra drawers—five in total (yes, five!)—but you know what? They’re all a HUGE mess. That’s why I need these organizers more than ever. They come in a range of shapes and sizes so you can mix and match and they’re easy to stack in your deepest drawer. They also happen to be made with bamboo, which looks pretty in your vanity and is eco-friendly, too.

BUY NOW: Container Store, $3.99-$7.99 each

Elfa Mesh Easy Gliders

If there was ever a place where toiletries, medicine and first aid supplies go to die, under the bathroom sink is it. It’s also the place where multiples of the exact same product live side-by-side—hydrocortisone, sunblock and bug spray—because of all those times when going to Rite Aid was easier than looking in the abyss under the sink.

These mesh gliders are exactly what you need to reclaim that wasteland. The drawers are easy to slide open so everything’s accessible. Mesh prevents even the smallest things from falling out and makes it easy to see what’s inside.

BUY NOW: The Container Store, $88.16 (Regularly $125.96, 30% Off!)

Expandable Under-the-Sink Organizer

If the space under your sink is kind of funky (as in semi useless) and doesn’t fit drawers because of protruding pipes, you’ll want to try this organizer which adjusts to fit under and around said pipes. It expands horizontally and vertically and comes with pullout bins that make it easy to see and grab what you need. You can also remove one of the six shelves and two bins if you can’t fit the organizers in its entirety.

BUY NOW: The Container Store, $39.99

Shark Baby Bath Toy Organizer

Got a shark-obsessed toddler? She’ll love this “jawesome” organizer that sticks to any tile or glass surface with a slip-proof suction cup. Besides making a splash with the kiddos, you’ll love how easy it is to keep bath toys dry and in their place. It also happens to be made with the same material used for wetsuits, which resists mildew—a must for squeeze toys that are mold magnets.

BUY NOW: Target, $15.99

Hair Care Tools Holder

My blowdryer lives on a hook in my bathroom because I use it just about every day. But the rest of my hair care stuff—a couple of flat irons and a curling brush—are crammed into a drawer where the wires get tangled and mixed up with my brushes and I don’t know what else.

This smartly designed steel organizer fits over the inside of your cabinet door and holds a dryer, flat iron and curling iron and has a hook to wrap cords around. You’ll have to make room under your cabinet for its width but it’s well worth the sacrifice to have your go-to hair stuff within easy reach.

BUY NOW: Amazon, $14.99

Oval Laundry Set

This woven seagrass hamper set does double duty—it looks super cute in the bathroom and comes in a set of two so you can use one for laundry and the other for towels. Both come with liners that make it easy to carry laundry back to its rightful place.

BUY NOW: Wayfair, $106.99 (Regularly $148.50, 28% Off!)

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