Here Are The 5 Best Ways to Negotiate A Great Raise At Work

Here Are The 5 Best Ways to Negotiate A Great Raise At Work

No one wants to talk money, but maybe these tips will help. 

By Jen Glantz

Asking for a raise can be as scary, for some people, as public speaking. So, a lot of people do find themselves working harder and harder, year after year, without seeing any change in their paycheck.

If you've had enough of waiting around for your boss to call you in and up your salary or if you aren't happy with how much your boss offered to up your salary, here are the best six ways to negotiate the raise you deserve.

1. Make a list of accomplishments

You may assume your boss knows about everything you've done in the last year or two at your job, but the truth is, some things may have gone unnoticed. The best thing you can do is come prepared when you're asking for a raise, with a list of accomplishments. Jot down all of the ways you went above and beyond with your job in the last year.

2. Have a game plan

Another way to prep for the meeting is with a game plan for the future. Let your boss know that the raise you're getting will also be the kick in the butt you need to take things to the next level. Show an outline of additional things you want to accomplish over the year ahead.

3. Get an offer

While it might sound unprofessional and sneaky, you can start interviewing for other jobs, get another job offer, and present your boss with the higher salary you were offered. That may get your company to hand over the extra dollars you to deserve so that they can keep you put.

4. Wait for your review

If you're wondering the best time and place to ask for a raise, do it on your annual review. If you don't have an annual review scheduled with your boss, send your boss an email letting them know you'd like to sit down and chat about how everything is going and what you'd like to do next.

5. Listen to the first offer

If your plan is to wait for your boss to offer you a raise, that's okay. Though you might be waiting for longer than you deserve to wait, when the moment happens, listen to what the raise is and then negotiate it up a bit more by showing off your accomplishments and game plan for the future. If more money can't be added to your salary, ask about getting additional paid vacation days or more stock options - if those are available.

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