Boom! 7 of the Most Spectacular July 4th Fireworks Shows in the U.S.A.

Boom! 7 of the Most Spectacular July 4th Fireworks Shows in the U.S.A.

Watch them shoot across the sky-y-y...

When it comes to Independence Day fireworks across the country, these cities' shows explode above the rest. So, consider it your patriotic duty to grab your picnic basket (with well-concealed adult beverages if necessary) and get out there this July 4th. U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!

1. Washington D.C.

It's only proper that we begin with our country's capital. Considering that many American historical events related like, say, the inauguration, take place at or near the National Mall, it makes sense that one of the best fireworks displays out there on the 4th should go down there, as well. If you can’t get a spot on the actual mall, Potomac Park should do the trick, too. Visitors' bonus tip: Be sure to check out some of the wonderful Smithsonian offerings while you're in the area. Admission is free and includes all of the museums and the zoo.

2. Boston

Boston is a city rich with American history and plenty of pride in that fact and the annual fireworks show, put on by Boston Pops, is a clear example of all of that wrapped up in one impressive event. The fireworks are accompanied by the Boston Pops Orchestra, and the event ends with the firing of an actual canon.

Visitors' bonus tip: If you're going to be in Massachusetts long enough to allow for it, make some time to enjoy the Cape Cod beaches or, better yet, a trip to Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket.

3. New York City

While the Macy’s Annual 4th of July fireworks show isn’t quite as well known as the company's Thanksgiving Day Parade, it’s just as reliably fabulous. Look toward the Brooklyn Bridge for the best views.

Visitors' bonus tip: Check out the Brooklyn Promenade and Brooklyn Bridge Park while you're in the neighborhood.

4. Nashville

The yearly Independence Day festivities in Nashville center around music — naturally! Called “Let Freedom Sing!” and featuring a full day of free live music, the fireworks themselves are certainly awesome, but make no mistake: Those are paired with music, too.

Visitors' bonus tip: If you're into music, you're not going to want to miss a trip to the Grand Ole Opry or the Country Music Hall of Fame while you're in Nashville.

5. Chicago

The fireworks at Navy Pier in Chicago are a great excuse to relax near the shores of Lake Michigan while the weather is warm and enjoy the bustle of the city at once. Of course, you can do this all summer long on Lake Michigan beaches, but the 4th's celebratory fireworks add an extra layer of charm to this kind of outing.

Visitors' bonus tip: Take a Chicago walking tour while you're in the city and get a closer look at the phenomenal architecture or local food offerings.

6. Los Angeles

The Rose Bowl Americafest is a longstanding summertime pride of Southern California. With more than 90 years of history, the event is a larger-than-life fireworks display that brings people in from all over the region. And the activities beyond the blasts — like the Family Fun Zone — certainly help amp up the sense of fun and patriotism, too.

Visitors' bonus tip: While you're in Pasadena, carve out some time to explore the wonderful hiking area of Eaton Canyon.

7. Addison

They say things are bigger in Texas... and the Kaboom Town July 4th fireworks show certainly helps to reinforce that notion. Addison, Texas is just outside of the city of Dallas and though the town itself is small, this fireworks tradition is a supersized one. Get there early for live music and an air show, and stay late for the post-fireworks afterparty.

Visitors' bonus tip: When you're in Addison, you're not too far from Lewisville Lake. Spend a day there soaking in the sunshine, enjoying the water, and lakeside attractions like Wynnwood and Hidden Cove Park as well as the Hawaiian Falls Water Park.

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